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Dennis McCarthy - Star Trek: TNG - Encounter at Farpoint (1987)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Dennis McCarthy
Length 36:21
Format CD
Genre Soundtrack
Index 97
Collection Status In Collection
Packaging Jewel Case
Track List
01 Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title 01:45
02 Stardate 01:43
03 Troi Senses 01:42
04 Picard's Plan - First Chase / First Chase, Part 2 04:31
05 Detatching - Separation 02:41
06 Shaken - Court Time / There Goes Da Judge 02:29
07 U.S..S Hood - On Manual 03:18
08 Star Trek: The Next Generation End Credit 01:03
09 Personal Log - Admiral / Old Lovers 02:24
10 Caverns 01:27
11 Splashing - The Woods / Memories 02:45
12 Scanned - Big Guns / Unknown 03:04
13 Revealed - Reaching Out 04:39
14 Departure 01:07
15 Main Title - Version #2 (Alternate) 01:43
Personal Details
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo

Right off the bat, you are hit with familiar music, but not quite as familiar as you might think. Many believe that the opening theme to Star Trek: The Next Generation is the same piece as the theme to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. This is not true. It is actually a new composition that draws heavily on both Jerry Goldsmith's score for that film and on Alexander Courage's original Star Trek theme music. It lends a nice familiarity to a mostly new environment. This soundtrack album is actually fairly listenable away from the context of the show, a definite plus in the ranks of soundtracks. That Courage theme shows up frequently in musical references, as one of the elements that tie much of the material together. The CD is also of interest to fans of composer Dennis McCarthy, because it includes material that never actually made it into the show. This one probably has a bit more to interest non-Star Trek fans because of its greater ability to stand by itself. ~ Gary Hill, All Music Gu