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Mano Negra - King Of Bongo (1991)
Cover Front Album
Artist/Composer Mano Negra
Length 41:04
Format CD
Genre Rock
Label Virgin
Index 44
Collection Status In Collection
Packaging Jewel Case
Track List
01 Bring The Fire 03:27
02 King Of Bongo 03:38
03 Don't Want You No More 03:07
04 Le Bruit Du Frigo 03:10
05 Letter To The Censors 02:30
06 El Jako 02:48
07 It's My Heart 01:42
08 Mad Man's Dead 02:44
09 Out Of Time Man 03:25
10 Madame Oscar 02:37
11 Welcome In Occident 04:20
12 Furious Fiesta 01:26
13 The Fool 02:50
14 Paris La Nuit 03:20
Personal Details
Links Amazon US
Spars DDD
Rare No
Sound Stereo
UPC 077778691921

King of Bongo showcases Mano Negra as a straightforward rock band, downplaying its trademark eclecticism and turning up the guitars. The manic rhythmic drive is throttled back, and the broad range of styles the group explored on Puta's Fever only pop up sporadically to spice the rock context. The almost all-English lyrics embrace the outlaw rocker stance, and the material is largely geared toward emphasizing Mano Negra's connection with the punk side of the rock spectrum. The ranting rave-up "Letter to the Censors" isn't that far from Motörhead, and the acoustic guitar and organ on "Out of Time Man" has a feel close to Iggy Pop's "The Passenger." "Don't Want You No More" even lopes along at a country & western-flavored clip. Mano Negra can rock hard and convincingly -- notably on the steady, rolling title track or when blending dub reggae and rap elements into "Bring the Fire" -- and the music still offers much more variety than the rock norm here. While King of Bongo isn't a bad album (and its English-language rock orientation might be easier for many people to connect with), it is the least distinctive of Mano Negra's career. ~ Don Snowden, All Music Guide